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Our Focus Area

  • To improve and increase the standard of Art Music Performance and serious Music Studies in Nigeria with style and speed.
  • To solidify the study of music and improve the confidence of prospective musicians in this chosen field.
  • To make available local and foreign publications and books on Music as well as
  • Musical instruments.
  • To train a crop of Musicians who will excellently showcase Nigeria at home and abroad.
  • To increase Music Personnel for Schools, Companies and other Establishment.

The company is engaged in the following business and other related businesses.

Music Copying/Typesetting.

  • Sale of Music Books, Instruments and Materials, Compact Disks, DVDs and Cassettes.
  • Maintenance of Music Instruments.
  • Music Score-setting, Printing and Publishing of Music Books – We set scores for all handwritten compositions, print them and publish them according to the instructions of our customers.  In this section, we also print music samples for classroom work, examination and tests for various schools and bodies.
  • Training in Theory of Music, Singing and other choice Music Instruments. – Teaching on individual basis (teacher to pupil) instruments such as Piano, Guitar, Violin, Singing, Clarinet, Saxophone etc.
  • Recruitment for Music and Music Related Professions.
  • Music Recording and Promotions.
  • Music Transcriptions (from audio recordings to Sheet music format). We transcribe and compose music and songs for artistes, schools, corporate bodies etc., for recording purposes and as advertisement jingles.
  • Computer Literacy and Music Printing Apprenticeship – We teach students how to use various Music software packages for Music Printing e.g. Music Printer Plus, Finale, Sibelius and others.
  • Refunda School of Music (offers Certificate and Diploma courses in Music).
  • Registration for external Music examinations – (both local and Foreign). Teaching and preparing persons for graded examinations in Theory and Practical (any instrument to any grade) of both local and International examination bodies such as the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music, London (ABRSM).
  • Refresher Courses, Seminars and Workshops for Musicans and Music Teachers